From 1897 to 2013... | Mulranny Park Hotel

From 1897 to 2013...

Mulranny Park Hotel – It’s colourful past, present and future.

  • The Railway Station at Mulranny was built and open in 1894 by Great Western Railways.
  • In order to make Mulranny a Tourist destination they decided to build a hotel which opened in 1897.
  • The luxurious Great Western Hotel opened at Mulranny in 1897 and a combined rail and hotel ticket was available. This is one of the first examples in Ireland of the bundled ticket.
    The hotel was equipped with every modern convenience of the time, including electric light, and by 1900 hot and cold water baths were also available.
  • Tennis courts and an outdoor swimming pool were added in later years.
  • Realising that the tourists needed access to the beach area a Causeway was built, funded by the Railway company to enable people to access the beach area. Hotel patrons had access to sandy beaches and the use of the hotel's boats and golf links.
  • In the 1930s, as the roads improved and cars became more common, trains became less popular, and Midland Great Western Railways began to discuss closing down the Westport - Achill line. In 1934 the passenger service was closed, although it was reopened temporarily 1936 while road repairs were in progress. Freight trains continued to run until 1937. In 1937, when the Kirkintilloch Disaster claimed 10 Achill victims, train again took the bodies' home. The last train ran on Thursday 30th September 1937.
  • The Hotel at Mulranny remained prosperous for many years and its spectacular location featured high in its successful market attributes. It boasts many famous guests including John Lennon and Yoko Ono who visited in June 1968.
  • Subsequently the hotel passed into private ownership and traded until 1990. The property which is a listed building situated on a 42 acre woodland site, lay derelict until it was purchased by the present owners in 2003. Opening in March 2005 and retaining much of the character and charm of the original building, the completely refurbished hotel now combines the very best from the past with contemporary comfort and style.
  • In a remarkable feat the old line was regenerated, re-emerging after 83 years, as the Great Western Greenway, which links Mulranny and Newport to the Westport and Achill cycles hubs, creating a unique destination, with a 170km network of spectacular cycle trails. The World Class Great Western Greenway (Westport - Achill) is a 43.5km mainly traffic free cycling and walking facility. Its development has been made possible by agreement of local landowners who have allowed permissive access to users to pass through their lands. This route offers gentle gradients and some of the most idyllic scenery in the west of Ireland. The route forms part of the National Cycle Network and it is the longest off road cycling experience in the Country

  • In 2011 the European Destination of Excellence Award was awarded to the Great Western Greenway, Mulranny Park Hotel, the victorian Causeway and the Look Out Hill national loop walk under the category of regeneration of physical sites. A great achievement!
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