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  • Hydradvance Facial
  • Organic Facial
  • Seasonal Facial
  • Teenage Facial
  • Prescription Facial
  • Immuniscience Facial
  • Eye Contour Treatment
  • Glycolic Skin Peel
  • Le Homme

Hydradvance Facial

Indulge your skin in an exceptional hydrating treatment, using patented ingredients to produce a fabulous double hydrating result. It is perfect for young and maturer skins. It also has an anti ageing effect.

Duration: 75 mins
Price: €75

Organic Facial

Using new certified organic products. This delightful facial uses rosemary, angelica and hawthorn extracts to give skin new energy leaving you refreshed and energised. Contains anti aging properties. Your skin will glow!

Duration: 50 mins
Price: €50

Seasonal Facial

A stunning facial that changes every 6 months to fit your skins seasonal needs, whether it needs protecting or nourishing. Ask your therapist for details on the latest ingredients.

Duration: 50 mins
Price: €50

Teenage Facial

A quick facial that deep cleanses and teaches good skin care habits

Duration: 30 mins
Price: €25

Prescription Facial

A quick facial tailored for your individual skin type

Duration: 30 mins
Price: €25

Immuniscience Facial

A gentle facial for sensitive skin with regular treatments and home care, sensitivity of skin can be reduced.

Duration: 55 mins
Price: €55

Eye Contour Treatment

Helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles using the latest scientific research and beautiful light massage. This can be done on its own or combined with any facial.

Duration: 40 mins
Price: €40, As an add on to any facial €30

Glycolic Skin Peel

This is a powerful exfoliation which not only eliminates dead skin cells and encourages the renewal of skin cells, it is also great at reducing pigmentation marks. This is perfect for thick dull looking skin, oily and congested skins and tired, grey looking skins.  This is also perfect for smokers. For congested skins it is recommended to have the steam and extraction option.

Duration: 60 mins or 75 mins with Steam & Extraction
Price: €65 or €75

Le Homme

Specifically designed for men’s skin. A de-stressing, detoxifying treatment to leave you feeling totally relaxed.

Duration: 50 mins
Price: €60

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