The Waterfront Bar & Bistro

At GN Mulranny Park Hotel

With its beautiful setting in overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, The Waterfront Bar is the perfect venue to enjoy a quiet pint or entertain a livelier gathering of friends. Whether you come on your own or with friends the Waterfront Bar & Bistro at the Mulranny Park Hotel Mayo offers a relaxing atmosphere for one and all.

The Waterfront Bar & Bistro is ideally situated within the hotel and makes the most of the stunning views of Clew Bay, Westport. Our Bistro Menu is available daily from 1pm to 9pm.

The McKenna's Guide 2015 is full of praise for various aspects of the hotel including the Waterfront Bar and urges readers to “stop by here, pull up a lunchtime chair in the bar, order a bowl of chowder and brown bread, and you will enjoy one of the best lunches in the West".