Greenway Fairy Trail

GN Mulranny Park Hotel

It all started on a cold winter’s night, where the Fairies lay shivering from the cold. They had come all the way from Donegal on the Wild Atlantic Way and were planning on moving to Tipperary, for it was too cold in Donegal. The poor Fairies had no idea what to do.....It was too wet to fly and all the Fairies were too tired from travelling. It’s a 24 hour flight to The Greenway from the north, you know! The Wise Old Fairy decided that it was best to stay where they were; at Mulranny, in Mayo. They thought of something. They all got out of the wet grass and started building and using their powers to make homes for themselves..

They were very comfortable and warm in their new homes. The Fairies soon found out that there was a hotel beside them. A human hotel!, with children in it. The Fairies then built their own hotel to welcome other fairies to the village who might be tired on their travels. Every night when the children are asleep, the Fairies pop into the human hotel and sprinkle Fairy dust on them so they will have magical dreams.  There are a lot of Fairies in this village.
But be warned there are naughty, but silly goblins sneaking about trying to rob the Fairies most prized possession, their magic dust so watch out!  If you see a shadow flying about it might just be a Greenway Fairy!

We have Greenway Fairy Trail Maps available at Reception and in the Waterfront Bar & Bistro to help you find where the fairies are hiding.