Wedding Brochure

GN Mulranny Park Hotel

We invite you to discover the jewel that is the award-winning 4-star GN Mulranny Park Hotel. Set in a unique landscape where sea, mountains and sky merge in a breathtaking panorama, the GN Mulranny Park Hotel boasts a truly stunning location for your wedding. Watch the mist clear over the sea, feel the soft lawn underfoot as you make your way to the Victorian causeway to the beach. Listen to the breeze, take in the sea air and slip into another world.

At Mulranny Park we are delighted to accommodate you and your guests on your wedding day. Our 4-star accommodation features either king beds, double beds, double bed & single bed or single beds with spectacular Clew Bay view or Woodland Views. We also have a selection of beautiful sea view apartments suites with stunning views of the bay and mountains in Westport, that are adjacent to the hotel.

At GN Mulranny Park Hotel we have a choice of 3 wedding packages to suit your wedding needs; Ocean, Mist & Sky. Our award-winning Wedding Co-ordinator knows exactly what it takes to deliver the perfect wedding day for each one of our wedding couples.